Colorado Recreational Marijuana Clubs

So you made all your plans for a trip to Colorado. Airline ticket..check. Hotel room..check. Airport transfers..check. You are on your way for a memorable vacation to one of the few states where marijuana is legal.

After arriving at your hotel and doing a quick google of the area you head out to your dispensary of choice. While there you check out the latest strains, the wonderful edibles and of course the irresistible swag. So you take a little of this and a little of that and an incredible shot glass with the words Chasing 420 on it.

After leaving the store you ask yourself, probably for the 1st time, where am I going to go to smoke my newly acquired stash. Can’t go to the Hotel and can’t go a restaurant or bar. Maybe a park, or some out of the way alley or maybe on the walk back to the hotel. I can always partake in the edibles but marijuana is social and should be consumed in a social manner. There has to be a better way. There are tons of places to consume alcohol.

Colorado’s marijuana law neither allows nor denies pot clubs, leaving the state with a patchwork of local club rules. Some cities tolerate them; in others, clubs operate underground, with members arranging meetups using social media.
Denver has recently approved a measure to allow cannabis clubs in the city but the approval has so many restrictions no ones sure how popular these smoking clubs will be and there seems to be few takers. Denver always had Marijuana Social Clubs and the hope is, even with the restrictive rules, more and more clubs will open up and help resolve the issue of “Where can I smoke in Denver.

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