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Marijuana Advertising….Are We Ready?

Marijuana Advertising is here. You turn on the TV and click over to your favorite station. Soothing music enters your ears as you watch nymph like creatures extoll the virtues of some marijuana strain that you are not familiar with but are told you will soon be using it above all the others. The pitch is short and sweet but by the time your TV watching is over your humming the catchy jingle and browsing the web for a store near you.

I’m not sure we, as consumers, are ready for Prime Time in your face Marijuana Advertising. I for one am not ready for ANY new advertising and If I see another commercial blaring the benefits of Viagra or some new feminine product with vagina in its name or the benefits of a reverse mortgage I think I am going to puke. Just think what the ad agencies will do with Marijuana. “Get your Toke Took today. Run over to Terpene Station for the best weed around” says the almost naked commentator as smoke ripples thru the cannabis stacked set. Or “Come over and try my Tip Top hand rolled marijuana cigarettes” squeals a Cheech and Chong like character as he generously inhales a very large doobie.

marijuana advertising

The marijuana industry wants this advertising and is doing everything it can to score little advertising victory’s. But mainstream Advertising Agencies have not changed the way they view the marijuana industry as a whole. Some consider it risky and fear that federal regulators will fine or shutter a publication or broadcaster. Some don’t see cannabis as a good fit for their audience. And others have not changed their old views about marijuana even in light of the legislation sweeping our country and other countries.

It seems inevitable that in the very near future that long held stereotypical view of marijuana will fade into the sunset and nymph like creatures will fill our ears with a catchy melodies asking us if we had our “Toke Toot” today.

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